VMinformer Managing your Security Risks within your Virtualised World.

The challenges faced by IT operations in maintaining, auditing and enforcing security policy and standards across virtualised environments is a very serious issue as this holds back further deployment and makes IT audits more complex and expensive.

VMInformer is a purpose built, easy to use tool that audits your VMware environment against best practice baselines ensuring compliance with directives such as ISO27001, CIS Benchmark and DISA STIG.

VMInformer Professional Features :
  • Evaluates the security of your virtual environment in minutes
  • Connects to your VC or individual ESX hosts
  • Supports multiple virtual datacentres
  • Graphical security dashboard
  • Extensible policy templates
  • Step by Step Remediation guidance
  • Visual storage maps
  • Virtual Machine Business Asset tags
  • PDF format reports
More Information:
A recent Gartner Report suggested that "Through 2012, 60 percent of virtualized servers will be less secure than the physical servers they replace"

The Gartner report goes further as it outlines the key threats facing businesses when they implement a virtualised environment.