CryptoKey is a secure USB flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password. The CryptoKey hardware controller encrypts all data in real time using AES 256-bit encryption in CBC-mode. The data encryption key is generated on board at setup and never leaves the drive. The drive is locked and unlocked by a strong password that is set up by the user but not stored in the drive in any form. It is impossible for anyone to compromise the security of the drive, not even by professional hackers with the brute force attacks.

CryptoKey is further protected by an integrated Antivirus and Antimalware engine. Any bit of data copied to the drive is scanned by the Antivirus engine in real time.

CryptoKey is also a device for multi-factor authentication. It has two builtin authentication tokens, an OTP token for One Time Password based strong authentication, and a PKI smart token for PKI certificate based authentication.

CryptoKey is an ideal device for both strong encryption and strong authentication.